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Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue was established by Chrissy Marshall in 2010. The rescue is run by Chrissy, with a group of volunteers to help with the administration, fostering, home checking and fundraising. We became a registered charity in 2017.

Angels are committed to making an impact on the rescue of dogs in difficult situations, abandoned, in dog pounds and those on death row. We strive to ensure safe & loving homes are found for all dogs that come into our care.

We also offer Sanctuary to other animals who need a safe and secure home to live out their lives. The animals brought in for sanctuary are not for adoption.

Angels is run purely on a voluntary basis and we rely on donations and various fundraising events to support the work we do. All donations we receive are used for the needs of the dogs and administration costs which include: vet fees, grooming, transporting, dog leads, collars etc. 

We don't use kennels, our dogs are all placed in foster homes and these fosterers provide food and a safe and loving home until the dogs find forever homes.


When Shelby came to us we were told she had a luxating patella that was mild and could possibly right it’s self in time, as this can happen. On arrival it was clear that something more was happening … so off to the vets she went. It's the worst case the vets have seen, her knee cap actually moves up to her hip joint and over time this has caused ligament damage. This has put extra pressure on Shelby's other leg, we have had to seek a specialist as the op with be specialised surgery. Shelby has been in today for X-rays and to make a plan. On top of our vet bills we need to raise the money for her op and in total we need to raise £4000 not an easy task in today's climate but we have to try our best.

If anyone can help us, Shelby and the rescue would really appreciate any donations. 


Our PayPal is please send as family and friends, or you can donate to the vets direct.

Thank you in advance, we know it's asking a lot.

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