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Fostering isn't a lifetime commitment, it's a commitment to saving a life.



We are in need of fosterers, if you would like to be considered please read the information below.

Things to consider to help you decide if fostering is right for you:

• Do you have the time & commitment a dog in your home requires?

• Are all your family members happy to have a dog? (even family that visit often, are they supportive?

• If you live alone and there was an emergency/had an appointment/were ill, is there a close friend or family member who would be happy to step in and care for the dog temporarily? Is that person able to spend time with the dog with you so they are familiar with them if they need to come in alone to help the dog?

• What are you looking to gain from the experience?

• Children are they over 10yrs?

• Are you able to travel to Lower Kilburn (Derby) or Sutton in Ashfield to pick up the foster dogs?

• Are you capable of helping the dog with training, vets visits, socialisation etc?

• Do you follow positive training methods (no smacking, shouting etc)

• Can you treat the dog like a member of your family, include them in activities, love the dog etc?

• Can you afford another mouth to feed? 

• Do you feel you can deal with any unexpected issues that might arise, such as behavioural problems or illness after consulting the rescue? 

• Are there places nearby to walk the dog?

• Can you transport them to a vet? The dog may need neutering/spaying or other surgery, which means early morning runs to the vet and collecting later in the day, are you able to do this?

• Can you help promote the dogs by taking pictures, keeping the rescue regularly informed on the dog’s progress? 

• Are you able to use the message facility on facebook efficiently to contact members of the admin team as necessary?


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