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Introducing Nelly a 5yr old pug,

Nelly is a big ball of love with so much energy and so many kisses to give! She is incredibly happy and excited to see you each morning, and is wanting fuss from the moment she wakes up. Nelly has slotted in well to a home with 3 resident dogs and two cats. She is always keen to be with you, and interested in what you are doing. She loves to play, although is still learning what to do with toys! Nelly loves to go on walks, and is always very excited when you get the leads, and she will sniff everything on her walks

She is a beautiful dog who absolutely loves love and has so much to give! Any children need to be 5yrs+

To be considered to adopt you need to have had a successful homecheck. To apply for a homecheck please click on the button below and complete the form.

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