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Titch is ready for his furever home, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST as he has some potential health issues down the line.

Titch is approx 7/8 mths old, he was in the vets originally with his leg for X-rays as he couldn’t weight bare, but before his appointment he started to put his foot down. The X-ray shows it was a tissue damage injury that’s nearly fully healed so nothing needs doing, but the visit opened up a whole new issue, on examination the vet noticed certain traits so we ran some bloods.

Titch has pituitary dwarfism often known as wolf dog, he does in fact look like a little wolf. This causes them to have a lot of teeth, he had over 80!! We have now removed lots of them so his mouth is now normal … also testicles don’t descend so when we neutered him the vet had to go searching for both and he’s now neutered. Wolf dogs don’t have a full life expectancy, some only reaching 5 years old, and some develop Addisons which would need medication. That being said, there is no saying any of this will affect Titch, there is just no way of seeing what the future holds for him, but he deserves a happy ever after. Titch is super dog friendly.

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