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When we get duos in it’s always a hard decision when we have to make the choice to split them. Tyson came in with Flumpy, they were from a home where they were adored but being left long hours due to a relationship breakdown. Since coming in it has become evident that the jealousy between them over food and toys is too high a risk to home them together. They are dog friendly, it is the rivalry between them causing the issues. They both want to be the centre of attention and they rightly deserve to be. We often find behaviour changes when they come into foster as the dynamics change. The rescue have spoke to their previous owner, who was devastated that he couldn’t keep them but he put their needs first and we’ve decided it’s best to find them their own humans so they will be equally adored

The dogs needs are paramount, so this decision is best for both dogs.

Here is Tyson who is a real love bug, loves to give kisses. Tyson is dog and 5yrs+ child friendly but has never met a cat. He is looking for a home where someone is around a lot as he craves human company.

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