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DOGS NAME ..Willson

BREED... Shih tzu


DOG FRIENDLY ..yes but is looking for a home as a only dog as can get jealous



LIKES... his food and going on walks

DISLIKES ... Being picked up cuddled unless it's on his terms

HEALTH ISSUES Would benefit from loosing some weight

BEHAVIOUR ISSUES... Willson can be a bit of a grump when asked to do something he doesn’t want to do , he has nipped in the past

FOSTER AREA.. Leicestershire

GENERAL WRITE UP... Willson is clean in the house and loves his walks and is fab on the lead Willson is a lovely boy but just doesn't really like to be handled he is quite happy being fed, having nice walks and just doing his own thing then either jumping up at the side of you to lay by you, and on the odd occasion you might even get a kiss. Wilson has been excellent at the vets and let them examine him without any grumbling. Wilson needs a quiet adult home that will be around most of the time and is willing to have a hands off aproach whilst making sure his needs are met. Wilson will need plenty of time to settle and trust so you will need to have a lot of love and patience. Willson is a funny little man that absolutely loves being out on walks and running in fields and his recall is brilliant, he loves playing with little teddies, and tells you he wants his breakfast. He ideally needs a home that is experienced with his breed.He will need regular grooming with an experienced groomer. Willson is cat friendly and any visiting children must be 16+

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