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If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs you need to:

Apply for a home check for a named dog

Be able to meet their homing needs

Be able to travel to the foster home in the east midlands area to meet the dog 

Ability to pay the minimum donation of £400 or £500 for a pup

Click on link below if you require a homecheck and fill all the fields out then click submit. Please note we can only accept requests for named dogs.

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Updated: 1 day ago


We welcomed 6 week old poodle pups on the 3rd June. There were 4 and all have some leg issues.

The pups have been seen by a specialist, it is not great news for one of the pups who had so many issues that can't be fixed and he is in pain. The vets have advised to let him go so he no longer suffers.

Poppy can't be surgically 'fixed' but we are seeing improvement with physiotherapy and she has now taken a few steps on her own, as she isn't in any pain we will continue with this treatment. Eric and Daisy need surgery which doesn't come cheap, we need to raise £10,000 which is a huge amount but we have to give these 3 pups a chance. They didn't ask to be born and they have such a strong desire to live so we have to try our best and we owe them a chance of a happy life.

PUP UPDATE - 20/06/24

Eric and Daisy went into surgery yesterday for what we hoped would be the start of new a new life for each of them.

The bad news is Daisy didn’t make it. We always knew there were big risks associated with operating on such young pups, but because of how bad they were we were left with no choice. They were prepped for surgery, when under anaethetic they had more indepth full body X-rays. Daisy who was the worst affected limb was found to have much more going on than anyone could know and no surgery would be able to fix her problems. It wasn't an option to just leave her, as she grew she would suffer severe pain and multiple issues due to how her body and joints were formed. Daisy slipped away peacefully whilst under the anaesthetic, Daisy you were just too beautiful for this world, we hope the sunshines forever on your beautiful face and you can finally run free with none of the issues you had in this life, baby girl.

We know you guys will be just as gutted for Daisy just like we are, as we all wanted her to have her happy ever after unfortunately no amount of medical intervention would help and no one wants a life of pain and issues for any dog.

The good news is Eric’s surgery went amazingly well, he is now home recovering well.


Absolutely amazing you have now helped us raise £9,000 of the £10,000 needed to help these pups. The members and supporters of Angels Small Paws are absolutely amazing, many thanks to every single person who has donated or brought something to help us reach the £7000 that is an epic achievement.

Please please please if you can spare a £1 or 2 to help us to help them we would be more than grateful. The information for donating is below.


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Updated: May 29

Maya is a 2yr old Maltese who is a good natured dog, dog friendly and looking for a home where any children are 5yrs+.

To be considered to adopt you need to have had a successful homecheck. To apply for a homecheck please click on the button below and complete the form.

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Updated: Apr 23

Introducing Shelby a 1yr old dog friendly Pug.

When Shelby came to us we were told she had a luxating patella that was mild and could possibly right it’s self in time, which can happen. On arrival it was clear that something more was going off, so off to the vets she went and it's the worst case the vets have seen. Shelby's knee cap actually goes up to her hip joint, which over time has caused ligament damage and has put extra pressure on her other leg. We have had to seek a specialist as the op will be specialised surgery, she has been in today for X-rays and to make a plan, on top of our vet bills we need to raise the money for her op. In total we need to raise £4000 not an easy task in todays climate but we have to try our best

If anyone can help us we and Shelby would more than appreciate it.

Our PayPal is or you can donate to the vets direct

Thank you in advance … I know it’s asking a lot.


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