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If you were ever wondering what a positive impact a rescue dog can have ....
read on!

"I adopted my Bella from Angels Small Paws Rescue. From start to finish everybody was friendly, supportive, professional and showed that they really care for each and every dog. I particularly like that the dogs are in loving foster homes while waiting for their forever home rather than kennels. I stay in touch with Bella's foster mummy and she is always interested in how Bella is doing and answered any questions I had in the early days. Bella has completed our family, I can't imagine life without her!"

- J Loomes

"Adopted Casper (known then as) and can't recommend this rescue high enough, caring thoughtful and extremely supportive and found us the perfect companion."

- C Williams

"We have two rescues, Toby adopted 3 years ago and just over a year ago we completed our little family by adopting Tess from Angels. Everyone involved with Angels is so friendly, helpful and care whole heartedly about all the dogs they help. Angels Small Paws Rescue isn't just a fantastic charity they are a family and always there to help or just watch the fur babies grow and thrive. Please don't create a bigger problem, don't breed , adopt xxx"

- K Centro

"We have adopted three angels from angels. Fantastic rescue from the start very helpful with our first angels dogs as we had an older girl who couldn't travel far, they even helped transport him to do the meet and greet. We have had support every since and adopted two more angels since. We couldn't praise angels enough, a fantastic rescue with great volunteers and supporters with the dogs interests at heart. "

- C Wools

"I have two cavaliers one from a pup, one from Angels last November. Very thorough procedure to adopt, you don't get the impression they just want to find a home for the dogs, you get the impression you are lucky to get one of these dogs and each dog is very precious. Adopting a rescue dog after having one from a pup is very different. You haven't known that dog from it being a baby but I would thoroughly recommend it, they need more time and patience I think. They need to get to know you and you need to get to know them but they are very rewarding, very special and have little ways of letting you know your their world"

- J Hough

"I adopted my dog from Angels three years ago this month, always made to feel welcome when you meet up with them either when it's just for a night and if it's to help out on the stalls they have and lastly when you go on the dog walks with them. When you adopt from Angels it's like you are joining a big family as everyone is there for you and your dog or dogs"

- G Mildren

"well, I wanted a little dog, but, and no lynch mob here cos this gets good, I didnt want a rescue dog and I only wanted a puppy, i knew i wanted a shihtzu or tibetan terrier though. Anyways, there i am one night scrolling facebook, when i saw this most gorgeous dog staring at me, i thought i've got to have that dog! I showed my son, and he loved the look of this little dog too, so we set the wheels in motion, what i actually mean is I stalked this little dogs post daily....and ended up with him. Best thing i did going on fb that night. Charlie our pooch is the best dog ever, had no bother with him since day yes anyone thinking of getting a dog, this rescue is amazing, the dogs are amazing and you wont regret will wish you'd done it sooner...we so love our dog, even my friends who are not dog lovers love my dog.."

- M Hadfield

"Adopted Jazz from Angels 2.5 years ago as a teensy baby, my children had wanted another doggy to join our family for a while but my husband had been ill for some time so we waited, then we saw Jazz on Angels facebook page, the process couldnt have been easier or staff more helpful, the day after my husbands funeral we welcomed the beautiful miss Jazzypants into our family, she brings smiles and laughter to our lives every day and i know, even this long after we adopted her, if ever we need help or advice Angels would be there for us xx"

- T Doran

"We have adopted 6 of our 7 dogs from Angels. I love the fact all dogs are in foster homes being loved and assessed propally. And they take in dogs young and old blind, deaf sick and all medical needs are met. All admin are supportive and friendly and work very hard. I now foster which is one of the hardest but most fulfilling things to do. It's like being part of one big family and we all care about 1 thing, Dogs. Thankyou Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue for giving my fur babies a chance at a second Life xx"

- C Kennelly

"I found Poppy for my mum to adopt after my dad died. My mum fell in love at first sight at Chrissy's house! They are loyal companions to each other and are out walking every day without fail. My mum has met people on her walks and lots of new friends. Poppy has made a huge difference to her life and we would never buy a puppy again.. rescue is definitely the best!"

- K Centro

"We have had a chihuahua for two years, I've always thought he and we would like another one for company. I was told about the rescue and found an ex breeding chihuahua, Pippa, on there looking for a home. She moved in with us on Easter Sunday. We loved her from day one. Frank, my other chi snuggles with her. Such an amazing little dog, so much love to give and no problems with her at all."

- M Newell

"My beautiful handsome jasper was adopted by angels. They are perfection. Rescue dogs are the best and you can always be assured knowing angels are there for you"

- M Cooke

""Having not long lost my little Megan I still had Nemo and Livvy and wasn't thinking about adopting another little one. I'd retired from rescue due to health reasons. I found 2 rescues on Facebook and became a member of both just to watch their dogs progress from coming into rescue and being rehomed, that was my favourite time when I handed dogs over to their new loving families. With both rescues I liked their process, no dog was hurried out the door and if a dog had bad health conditions they weren't turned away. I like the way members are kept up to date on a dogs progress, no dog mysteriously disappears leaving you to wonder what happened and I liked that.One particular day a little Shiddie girl appeared and my heart flipped, I found myself looking for posts about her. She was fostered by Sarah Louise and I read every update. Mr B and I started talking about her and weighing up the pros and cons as you do. I knew in my heart she belonged here no matter what her past was. Shirley Tattershall was a massive help and filled me in on her pre-Angels life. Sarah answered questions I asked nothing was hidden, no info kept back. I knew we and our two fur babies would accept her into our lives and love her. Her remaining years, she was 10 1/2, would be spent with us if we passed our home check.We applied to adopt her and then met the lovely Liz who came to do our homecheck. I liked her on sight she is a down to earth no messing lady and I'm sure I kept her talking longer than expected😊We passed and made arrangements to meet with Missy at Sarah's who we found lovely to talk to. My two walked around and settled down as if they lived there it was a very relaxed meeting. Mr B and I looked at each other and knew she would be coming home with us. She settled down in the car and slept.Bless her little heart she has some issues from her former life, she can be grumpy and is petrified of groomers and vets. She will tell people to go away which I still believe is her defence mechanism against being hurt. If people ignore her she walks away. It's been a slow journey but I have a lot of patience where dogs are concerned. She's stopped barking at people walking by and clinging to my legs she will just trot on now.Not long after adopting her Joy came to collect some auction donations to the rescue. It was early days and Missy told her off but Joy just went with the flow😄.When she needed clipping I booked her into my groomers, who look after my other two really well. Sadly they had to ring me to collect Missy as they couldn't get her out of the crate. I rang Chrissie asking if she knew of any groomer who would be able to work with Missy. She did and Missy and I trotted of to meet Kerry. Unfortunately she did get bitten but she was brilliant with Missy and despite this managed to clip her down.Now I do what I can and my vets do the rest, she is improving and she doesn't actually make contact with her snapping.Angels rescue saw something in this little girl and they gave her a chance. I'm so glad they did because we love the bones of her and can't imagine life without her in our family. I know some rescues wouldn't have.So from us it's a massive thank you to Angels for being there for the dogs in need, for being truthful and not just adopting out willy nilly but making sure the dogs go to the right home. For the support you give to those lucky enough to adopt one of your dogs. And most of all thank you for Missy. 💕"

- P Botham

"I adopted my first rescue from the RSPCA and then decided that she needed a companion. I searched the internet and found the Angel's site. Within days a litter of pups appeared and although I didn't want a puppy I just fell for them all. A hastily arranged home check happened and I was contacted by Shirley Tattershall to say that I could have one of them. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement and couldn't wait to meet him. He has grown into a daft hairy yeti and is the most stubborn little devil but we love him so much. I have also made some new friends as the new mums and dads of the other pups have all stayed in touch and it's amazing to see that they are all little loveable demons. I also managed to sway a couple of friends into adopting after sharing the links from Angels."

- S Rogers

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